529 Comparison

529 College Plan And Its Benefits For You

529 college plan is a program that helps you to put your child through college without burying yourself under a mountain of loans. It is a well known fact that college costs are reaching staggering levels and are increasing at an ever faster rate each year. In these difficult times, 529 college plans can help you put away the funds necesssary to cover college costs.
Accumulating money early for your child's higher education is an imperative. Every parent wants the best education for his/her child. For this, money is required in ample amount. According to the College Board, over the past 20 years, the cost of education at a four-year public college has increased by more than 130 percent. The cost of studies in a private university has risen even faster. To meet these rising costs, it is imperative that parents start saving now.

Considering the cost of higher education in America, there are only a few who can afford to pay the college fees themselves without the help from parent/guardian, loans, scholarships etc. To help families save toward college, the US congress launched the 529 plan in 1996. In a 529 college plan, any person can contribute to the account. The income level of the parents is also not a constraint in opening a 529 account.

There is one wrong notion about 529 college plans; many believe that this plan is only for parents who wish to send their children to a state school. However, this is not true. You can use a 529 college plan to help pay for costs at any college or university. Every state in United States of America now has a 529 plan. The operation of these programs lies with the state itself, though most have outside companies as program and investment managers.

Make sure that a 529 college plan is not a last moment alternative. You should not think about it when a child has reached the high school. You probably won't be able to save enough in so short a period of time. Begin early when your child is still a baby and the compound effect will have enough time to perform it's magic. You can save in a 529 by paying a small installment every month. Of course, no matter when you start, you will be able to avail yourself of the investment and tax benefits offered by the 529 college plan, but the real goal here is to have the cash when you need it, so start early.

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